Facebook Advertising

Facebook Ads is a type of display ad that can only be seen by audience selected by Facebook’s targeting tool. These ads can appear in Facebook’s feed and messenger.

Make your brand visible and drive more traffic to your website! Do you know your audience may forget about your brand until that ad comes up while scrolling through Facebook? Make it easy for your target audience to find you.

Facebook has over 2.9 billion users, with over 1.9 billion active users daily. With Facebook Ads reaching more than 26.6 million users, you can showcase your business and attract quality leads.

Digital Estate Media has invested thousands of hours of research in developing the best approach to ensuring that your ads reach the right audience. Remember, millions of users are searching for the solutions you are offering. So why not let your social presence count?

Why Facebook Ads?

You don’t want to miss out on the wide range of benefits that Facebook advertising offers, as detailed here:


Who is your ideal audience? Where are they located? What is their gender? How about their age?

With Facebook advertising, you can target a specific audience category to maximize relevancy. Imagine your ads reaching your exact target audience such that 80% click on them!

Unlimited ad types

You can be creative with multimedia elements such as video, images and animations to give a visual impression of what you are offering.

Billing Control

You have control over your budget. You can only spend as much as you have allocated.


You can observe how your ad performs and adjust your settings to maximize your budget.

Messenger marketing

You can reach your audience directly via Facebook messenger using sponsored messages.


Do you have running ads or have access to an ad with a detailed report? You can use it to forecast the performance of your ad. For example, a competitor’s ad would be an excellent choice to predict the performance of your ad.

The benefits of Facebook advertising are inexhaustible. So if you are worried about how to make the most out of the benefits discussed, that’s exactly where Digital Estate Media comes in.

We help you maximize profits on your budget by targeting your ideal audience to ensure quality leads for your business.

Using the analytics page, we can determine your audience’s behavior and retarget with adjustments to ensure a controlled utilization of your budget.

We keep your ads unique to your audience and use behavioral analysis to develop new strategies with each passing day.

In addition, we stay ahead of technology to ensure that any policy change is familiar to us.

With the world's largest social media network, you

are only a step away from driving more revenue to

your business. We bridge the gap between your

goals and results.

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