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A Managed Live Chat/Live Email Service is an all-in-one customer service management

solution that provides an online platform for customers’ real-time queries which is handled

by customer service agents.

Impress your customers by improving their satisfaction with

  • Higher conversion rate
  • Decreased bounce rate
  • Average waiting time
  • Reduced email volume
  • Increased engagement
  • Convenient communication
  • Higher customer satisfaction score

Live Chat To Create Leads

In general, the vast majority of website visitors depart without ever contacting your company. Starting an initial interaction using live chat has proven to be a great lead-generating tactic by

  • Virtually extending office hours to 24/7
  • Creating a personal connection
  • Increasing your marketing ROI

Direct Communication

Some folks would prefer to ask their inquiry directly than navigate via a website. But, even if they're on a landing page with all the information they could need, customers want that human connection to set their minds at rest.

Live chat creates a direct line of communication with your potential customers, which you can use to steer them correctly and collect their contact information for your sales staff.

Self-managed Operators

Do you want your employees to get leads during office hours? You certainly can! We can configure our live web chat software, so your employees can log in anytime.

Our expert crew can cover your office hours and then take over after you log off at the end of the day. This adaptable strategy means that you are never offline and are always ready to help your website visitors.

More Time to Create Leads

Being unable to communicate with anybody might exacerbate an already tense situation; this is where live chat, supervised by a trustworthy agent, comes in handy. Your lead generation and marketing activities do not have to end when you go.

24/7 Live Customer Support

We don't sleep, and neither does your website! So when consumers visit your website outside of usual business hours, they must discover the information they need before giving up and searching elsewhere.

Our agents are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure that we are always available when visitors to your website require us.

Why Choose Digital Estate Media

While perusing the web might feel impersonal, communicating with a real person via live chat can be soothing and beneficial.

Digital Estate Media may implement live chat on your website and landing pages, and you just pay for the leads you create.

We also handle discussions around the clock through our worldwide network of properly picked agents. You get to review their script, ensuring that the talks always reflect your company's tone.

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